Sunday, January 2, 2011

A Lion of A Man

My beloved Grandfather Roy R. Neuberger passed away on 24 December 2010. He was an incredible human being, and I have created this blog as a memorial to his life.

Amazingly he lived his entire life without disease and died peacefully at his home of natural causes.

I have provided links to his Obituary in the New York Times, along with some other links.

Please check back as I continue to add additional photographs, videos, quotes, links to articles and other materials. I will also be posting the video from his Memorial service which will take place in NYC on 13 March, 2010

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I invite you to leave your comments, and any stories you would like to share about Roy and his life.

-Matthew Roy London-


  1. Just wanted to share someone's speech at his funeral 10 days ago, it's from Angels In America the rabbi's monologue at the opening: he was not a person, but a whole kind of a person - the ones that crossed the ocean! You do not live in his journey - no such a place exists. . You can never make that crossing that he made, for such great voyages in this world do not any more exist. But every day of your lives, the miles - that voyage from that place to this one - you cross. Every day! You understand me? In you, that journey... is.

    Let's live our lives, let's make our journey as beautiful and meaningful and joyful as Roy's.

  2. Been reading Roy's books since he passed away, this is what he wrote when he was 94 years old:

    "...for me life has been, and continues to bo, a great adventure.


    My hope is that you, too, will make as much money as you need and spend it for an important purpose that pleases you and helps others. That, I discovered, is the real joy of life."

    Let's live our lives, let's make our journey as beautiful and meaningful and joyful as Roy's!